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A veteran’s revival

We love to see the real-world environments where our products are used. A post on our Facebook page last week served as a good reminder that sometimes, the most important PROSOCO jobs aren’t big multi-million dollar projects. They’re the ones carried out by tireless volunteers dedicated to preserving a small piece of American history.

Ken McKay Jr.’s passion for history and genealogy led him to create the North Shore Cemetery Preservation Project in Massachusetts to “keep alive the memory of soldiers’ past through recording information, …photographing and transcribing headstones… and giving these veterans long forgotten the dignified recognition they deserve for generations forward to see.”

McKay’s non-profit uses PROSOCO’s Enviro Klean ReVive exclusively to restore these headstones. And you could say he’s very pleased with the results. He writes, “Any preservationist’s motto is, ‘Do no harm,’ and your product falls right in line with that. (It) allows us to restore dignity and honor to our veterans long since gone.”

“The pictures are proof positive that ReVive is a miracle product and has far exceeded any expectations I ever had. I recommend and endorse using ReVive to private cemeteries in the cleaning and restoration of their headstones every chance I get.”

Ken’s photos really do speak for themselves:

Cpl. Sylvester Blaney's headstone before cleaning with ReVive.

Cpl. Sylvester Blaney’s headstone before cleaning with ReVive.

The headstone just after cleaning with PROSOCO's ReVive.

The headstone just after cleaning with PROSOCO’s ReVive.

The same headstone 6 months later.

The same headstone 6 months later.



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A new kind of MVP

We don’t play favorites when it comes to our products at PROSOCO. That’d be akin to choosing to tell your children that you have a favorite child.

So while we won’t say that our newest product offering, R-Guard Spray Wrap MVP fluid-applied air- and water-resistive barrier, is our favorite, we can say that it’s better than ever. That’s because it combines the best attributes of its separate predecessors, R-Guard Spray Wrap and R-Guard MVP (which actually stands for maximum vapor permeability). In fact, Spray Wrap MVP meets or exceeds the performance values of the individual products.

Designed to offer our customers a simplified product offering, Spray Wrap MVP boasts a lower VOC content and higher moisture vapor transmission rate than its separate predecessors. It’ll also retain the classic light red color that’s so widely recognized throughout the construction industry.

It’s currently in stock and available for order. Contact your PROSOCO Customer Care rep today at 800-255-4255 to order Spray Wrap MVP or to learn more information.

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