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Can You Identify This Project?

Can You Identify This Project?

Did you miss the summer 2014 edition of PROSOCO News? If so, you can now read it online. As you may or may not know, we transitioned this quarterly publication to digital starting with this last edition, so the summer issue didn’t hit physical inboxes of our readers. If you want to be sure to be on the list to receive future issues of PROSOCO News digitally, sign up today. We’re also now publishing monthly newsletters focused on the latest industry trends, product updates and more information to help your business from each of our three product lines — masonry cleaning, building envelope and concrete flooring. Just check the boxes at the bottom of the sign-up form to tell us which information you want to receive.

Back to the point of this post — I know from past issues of PROSOCO News how popular the Can You Identify This Project section is, and we didn’t fail our loyal followers of this contest in our most recent edition. If you’ve got a guess for this round, send it in to me, Darcy Boyle, at darcy.boyle@prosoco.com. Those who correctly answer will receive a certificate, a special PROSOCO prize and glorious gloating rights over your colleagues.

Take a guess: This building in a major metro region of the U.S. was cleaned with Sure Klean® 766 Limestone & Masonry Prewash and Sure Klean® Restoration Cleaner. The middle swath was the last section to be treated.

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hallwayIf you were to sift through our archives here at PROSOCO or even take a walk down the hallways, you’d quickly notice evidence of some of the historic landmarks our products have been used on over the many decades we’ve been in the restoration cleaning business. The Empire State Building, Trinity Church, the Pentagon, the list goes on and on.

You could say we’re pretty proud of the role we’ve played in the origins of restoration cleaning in this country.

That role was confirmed at the recently held Architectural Ceramic Conference at MIT in Boston, where research conducted by Irene Matteini, Frank Matero and Reza Vatankha illuminated the evolution of terracotta cleaning over the years. Matteini is a graduate student in historic preservation and conservation science at the University of Pennsylvania; Matero is a professor of architecture at the school; and Vatankha is a lecturer in historic preservation.

“The research did not focus on any one method, but rather the introduction and trends of all methods reported on in literature and by current practitioners,” Matteini said in an email. “PROSOCO has been an important agent in the development and commercial application of chemical-based masonry cleaning systems.”

Restoration cleaning timeline

Click on the image to see a larger version of the timeline.

On a timeline presented at the conference as well as at the RESTORE Workshop in Philadelphia this spring, PROSOCO and its products were mentioned nearly a dozen times. In 1962, for example, PROSOCO launched Boyer’s Restoration Cleaners R-1 and R-2, the first commercially available surface cleaners formulated for old masonry construction. Those formulas would later evolve into Sure Klean® Heavy Duty Restoration Cleaners. The timeline goes on to call out PROSOCO products that were used to clean and restore Philadelphia’s Furness Library, Chicago’s Reliance Building, New York’s McIntyre Building and more.

Watch the entire presentation by Irene Matteini.



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