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Bullitt Center

Seattle’s Bullitt Center
Photo by John Young

The accolades keep coming in for Seattle’s Bullitt Center, a commercial building that’s been making headlines for its extreme environmental standards of energy efficiency and performance.

The building recently took first place in World Architecture News’ competition for the world’s most sustainable building. The victor over five other finalists, the Bullitt Center was the only finalist from the U.S.

The center’s use of sustainable materials, including PROSOCO’s R-GUARD® FastFlash® air and water barrier system, Consolideck® LS/CS® and Consolideck® LSGuard®, helped it become net-zero energy-efficient, a facet of the Living Building Challenge. The building has also achieved Passive House standards.

“This building really sets the debate about how to design buildings to be truly sustainable and make the lowest possible impact,” one judge of the competition is quoted saying.

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Congratulations to Weiss Building & Development LLC, which came in first place at the Department of Energy’s Challenge Home Builder Awards in the systems builder category. The winning project was a house in River Forest, Ill., which was built to the requirements of the Passive House Institute as well as the DOE’s Challenge Home program.

Four PROSOCO R-GUARD® products helped deliver the energy efficiency that the DOE award aims to recognize – FastFlash®, AirDam, Spray Wrap and Joint & Seam Filler.

Passive House Consultant Tom Bassett-Dilley and Eric Barton of concrete contractor Biltmore Insulated Concrete also made this project possible.

Learn more about the PROSOCO line of R-GUARD® products used on this award-winning home:

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Bullitt Center

Seattle’s Bullitt Center
Photo by John Young

We’re always paying attention to what industry publications are saying about PROSOCO and its products that improve the appearance and performance of sustainable buildings.

But when we receive recognition from a consumer website as well-read and far-reaching as the Huffington Post, well, it really makes our day. It’s encouraging to see our message go beyond the construction industry. Especially when it’s about a project that’s as near and dear to us as Seattle’s Bullitt Center.

The article, written by Lynne Peeples and published in the site’s “green” section, talks about how the commercial building was constructed using exactly zero of more than 360 identified elements and compounds that are believed to be potentially toxic to humans. Given that Americans today spend about 90 percent of their time indoors, it’s becoming more and more important that buildings are made using green materials, the article states.

PROSOCO is specifically named near the end of the article:

“The researchers even worked with one manufacturer, PROSOCO, to reformulate its ‘liquid-applied air and water barrier’ without phthalates.”

The product referenced – PROSOCO’s R-GUARD® FastFlash® air and water barrier system — helped the Bullitt Center become net-zero energy-efficient, one of the facets of the Living Building Challenge.

Watch: Learn more about our phthalate-free FastFlash® product »

PROSOCO’s Consolideck® LS/CS® and Consolideck® LSGuard® products also comply with the Living Building Challenge requirements and were used on the center’s concrete floors.

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Karuna House

Photo courtesy of Hammer & Hand

It began with a goal so ambitious, it had never before been achieved.

The Karuna House in Yamhill County, Ore., designed by Holst Architecture and built by Hammer & Hand, aimed to earn three green building certifications, each demanding in its own right — Passive House (PHIUS+), Minergie-P-ECO and LEED for Homes Platinum.

With the help of PROSOCO’s R-GUARD® air and waterproof barrier products, the Karuna House has now received all three certifications and been dubbed the “world’s greenest” house.

The R-GUARD® FastFlash® system provided many elements the energy-efficient, high-performance project required – an airtight, watertight and vapor-permeable wall assembly.

According to our Aug. 15, 2012, update on the project, FastFlash® offered additional bonuses that no other product could, like its ability to go on damp surfaces, a key in the Pacific Northwest’s notoriously rainy clime, and its vapor permeability, which “lets those damp surfaces dry out, even after being coated with FastFlash® products.”

With a margin for error of virtually nil in the house’s air barrier, Hammer & Hand also applied PROSOCO’s R-GUARD® Cat 5 liquid-applied membrane everywhere, from the roof and parapets to the undersides of cantilevered decks.

For more on the construction of the Karuna House, check out this series of videos from Hammer & Hand on installing the PROSOCO R-GUARD® air and waterproof barrier system.

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