If you’ve ever worked with PROSOCO products before, chances are you’ve worked with one of our sales managers. They’re the guys out in the field whose jobs it is to make sure that you, our customer, have the exact product you need for the substrate, climate and circumstance; that your crews are knowledgeable about how to apply the product; and that if there’s any problem on the job site, it gets fixed quickly.

Bruce Ferrell and Patrick Sullivan, technical specialists for PROSOCO's concrete flooring products, conduct a grinding demonstration for sales managers on June 2 at PROSOCO headquarters in Lawrence, Kan.

Bruce Ferrell and Patrick Sullivan, technical specialists for PROSOCO’s concrete flooring products, conduct a grinding demonstration for sales managers on June 2 at PROSOCO headquarters in Lawrence, Kan.

How do they do it? Well, for starters, they come from the construction industry. They’ve been in your shoes before, so they know what it’s like when the building owner complains about a brand new rust stain on the wall; when the rough opening isn’t measuring completely square; and when a concrete floor dye turns out all wrong.

Just as important, they’re constantly staying on top of the latest technologies and industry trends.

This week, PROSOCO sales managers gathered at company headquarters in Lawrence, Kan., to get the latest from the chemists and technical experts on our staff about products from all three of our business units – cleaners and protective treatments; air and water barriers; and concrete flooring products.

Some of us office rats also attended the trainings and demos. What have we been up to?

• We identified various types of stones by applying acid to them.
• We applied Spray Wrap MVP to the correct mil thickness.
• We conducted nearly a dozen troubleshooting treatments on a vinegar-etched concrete floor to see what would work and what wouldn’t.
• We watched biological stains practically fall off a façade of red brick after an application of Sure Klean 600.
• We listened to people way smarter than myself describe the complex chemistry behind different substrates, chemical solutions and the reactions that occur when you combine them.
• We heard about new products, old products and improved versions of existing formulas that will better serve your needs.

At PROSOCO, we like to say that our products are easy to apply and simple to use. Indeed they are. But your job is neither simple nor easy. On any given day, you might see something you’ve never seen before.

We don’t pretend to have seen it all before either. But when that happens, you can rest easy knowing that your sales manager is equipped with the right tools and resources to ensure the problem is solved. None of us will ever stop learning to make sure that’ll always be the case.

A lot can happen to a building over 10 years. Weather happens. Leaks happen. In worst-case scenarios, some newly constructed structures even need to be demolished after 10 years (or fewer) due to poorly designed and installed building products.

At PROSOCO, we’ve long known our R-Guard air- and water-resistive barriers contribute to the long-term durability of buildings.

Now FastFlash is the only fluid-applied flashing material that’s got evidence to prove it.

FastFlash 10 year inspectionIn 2005, FastFlash was used on the Renaissance Condominiums in Seattle, Wash., in a whole-structure building envelope remediation project by Tatley-Grund Building Repair Specialists.

In February 2015, that product was verified to be performing as intended by OAC Services, a building enclosure consulting firm. The report from OAC Services states:

“We found no adverse conditions related to the use of this product to any of the materials observed. All surfaces were dry and in good condition. We found no degradation of the FastFlash product used within the assembly.”

This milestone has been long-awaited by the industry, said Dave Pennington, Building Envelope Group Manager for PROSOCO.

“Now FastFlash is the only fluid-applied flashing material in the industry that can show 10-year historical performance data,” Pennington said. “This provides confidence to applicators and specifiers while separating PROSOCO from the many followers just entering the market.”

The observations made by OAC Services went much further than a cursory review. To access the wall assembly and verify the performance of FastFlash, the siding and window were removed in a unit on the Southwest corner of the building. This allowed for the observation of the wall sheathing and rough opening. An opening was also made on the interior of the building below the window to observe the condition of the wall cavity.

The Southwest corner of the building in particular was selected for its maximum exposure to the weather. In Seattle, severe weather patterns of wind and rain typically hit the south and west elevations of buildings more frequently than others.

Learn more about FastFlash and other R-Guard products. Read the full report here.

The hard work of a partnership between PROSOCO, Clark | Huesemann architects and the Kansas Biological Survey has paid off in a buzzworthy way. (I apologize for the bee puns; it’s hard to resist.)

PROSOCO staff and their children, girl scouts, KU Biological Survey staff and volunteers, and staff from Clark | Huesemann architects attended an official

PROSOCO staff and their children, girl scouts, Kansas Biological Survey staff and volunteers, and staff from Clark | Huesemann architects attended an official dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 2 for the bee hotel.

Last year, a group of PROSOCO staff and their little ones (plus employees and volunteers from Kansas University and Clark | Huesemann) gathered to form the beginning of a bee hotel — a place for the ever-important wild, pollinating bees in our area to nest and live.

Kids who attended the Bee Hotel Habitat event rolled up 1,400 pieces of paper to provide

Kids who attended the Bee Hotel Habitat event rolled up 1,400 pieces of paper to provide “rooms” for solitary bees.

They rolled up pieces of paper, drilled holes in cylinders of wood, cut bamboo and fashioned other materials to build the different “rooms” in the hotel, which was designed by architects at Clark | Huesemann.

This month, the same group (more or less) got together to celebrate the installment and dedication of the hotel at the KU Field Station’s Rockefeller Prairie Trail.

The continued decline of the native bee population has been well-documented. The consequences are dire.

“If we don’t have bees, we don’t have certain vegetables, fruits and flowers,” said Kay Johnson, sustainability and environment manager for PROSOCO. “We’re trying to get our community a little more familiar with bee hotels.”

PROSOCO Director of Field Training Shawn Desrosier installed a PROSOCO R-Guard product on the hotel to protect it from the elements. An application of Cat 5 Rain Screen not only means that the hotel can withstand rain and wind, it also allows the structure to ventilate.

The bee hotel originally began as part of PROSOCO’s involvement in the U.S. Green Building Council’s Green Apple Day of Service.

Ten concrete polishing training seminars have been scheduled so far this year.Polishing a concrete floor is not always an easy, straightforward process. Every floor is different, every job is different, and you constantly have to think on your feet. Your knowledge and your crew’s knowledge of the polishing process is a key ingredient to a great-looking floor and a happy client.

That’s why PROSOCO has partnered with some of the leaders in the concrete flooring industry to bring you concrete polishing skills seminars at locations across the U.S. all year.

The dates are:

May 4, Langhorne, Pa. – Concrete Polishing Skills Seminar with Jon-Don

May 12, Atlanta – Concrete Polishing Skills Seminar with Jon-Don

May 14, Dallas – Concrete Polishing Skills Seminar with Jon-Don

May 19, Charlotte, N.C. – Concrete Polishing 101 with Niagara Machine

Sept. 22, Charlotte, N.C. – Concrete Polishing 101 with Niagara Machine

Oct. 14, Dallas – Concrete Polishing Skills Seminar with Jon-Don

Oct. 21, St. Petersburg, Fla. – Concrete Polishing Skills Seminar with Jon-Don

Oct. 27, Atlanta – Concrete Polishing Skills seminar with Jon-Don

Nov. 12, Seattle – Concrete Polishing Skills Seminar with Jon-Don

Nov. 19, Denver – Concrete Polishing Skills Seminar with Jon-Don

Register for the seminar nearest you today.

Declare labels for 6 PROSOCO products

Six PROSOCO products have received Declare labels from the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), an achievement which further demonstrates PROSOCO’s commitment to materials transparency.

Declare is regarded as the toughest materials transparency standard in sustainable construction. The process involves disclosing product ingredients down to the 100 ppm range.

PROSOCO’s newly Declare-labeled products are:

This achievement brings the total number of Declare-participating PROSOCO products to seven. Consolideck LS became the first-ever concrete finish to receive a Declare label in 2014.

The five R-Guard products to receive Declare labels are now listed on the Declare website with the coveted designation of “Red List-Free.” In addition, the entire catalog of Consolideck ColorHard pigmented stains is included in the Declare product catalog. Living Building Challenge (LBC) design teams need only list the Declare registration numbers for automatic fulfillment of LBC 3.0 Materials Petal documentation requirements.

Also read: Dwayne Fuhlhage’s update on The Bullitt Center Effect: Materials Market Transformation

A veteran’s revival

We love to see the real-world environments where our products are used. A post on our Facebook page last week served as a good reminder that sometimes, the most important PROSOCO jobs aren’t big multi-million dollar projects. They’re the ones carried out by tireless volunteers dedicated to preserving a small piece of American history.

Ken McKay Jr.’s passion for history and genealogy led him to create the North Shore Cemetery Preservation Project in Massachusetts to “keep alive the memory of soldiers’ past through recording information, …photographing and transcribing headstones… and giving these veterans long forgotten the dignified recognition they deserve for generations forward to see.”

McKay’s non-profit uses PROSOCO’s Enviro Klean ReVive exclusively to restore these headstones. And you could say he’s very pleased with the results. He writes, “Any preservationist’s motto is, ‘Do no harm,’ and your product falls right in line with that. (It) allows us to restore dignity and honor to our veterans long since gone.”

“The pictures are proof positive that ReVive is a miracle product and has far exceeded any expectations I ever had. I recommend and endorse using ReVive to private cemeteries in the cleaning and restoration of their headstones every chance I get.”

Ken’s photos really do speak for themselves:

Cpl. Sylvester Blaney's headstone before cleaning with ReVive.

Cpl. Sylvester Blaney’s headstone before cleaning with ReVive.

The headstone just after cleaning with PROSOCO's ReVive.

The headstone just after cleaning with PROSOCO’s ReVive.

The same headstone 6 months later.

The same headstone 6 months later.



A new kind of MVP

We don’t play favorites when it comes to our products at PROSOCO. That’d be akin to choosing to tell your children that you have a favorite child.

So while we won’t say that our newest product offering, R-Guard Spray Wrap MVP fluid-applied air- and water-resistive barrier, is our favorite, we can say that it’s better than ever. That’s because it combines the best attributes of its separate predecessors, R-Guard Spray Wrap and R-Guard MVP (which actually stands for maximum vapor permeability). In fact, Spray Wrap MVP meets or exceeds the performance values of the individual products.

Designed to offer our customers a simplified product offering, Spray Wrap MVP boasts a lower VOC content and higher moisture vapor transmission rate than its separate predecessors. It’ll also retain the classic light red color that’s so widely recognized throughout the construction industry.

It’s currently in stock and available for order. Contact your PROSOCO Customer Care rep today at 800-255-4255 to order Spray Wrap MVP or to learn more information.

An SWRI first

SWRI logoPROSOCO’s training program for our R-Guard air- and water-resistive air barrier products recently received approval by the Sealant, Waterproofing and Restoration Institute’s Validated Training Program. This milestone represents a first in the industry — the training program is the first of its kind for air barrier products to achieve this validation.

Our customers can now sign up for our air barrier training programs with the confidence that they’ll not only learn how to use our products effectively, but also that the training meets all requirements set forth by the SWRI.

According to the SWRI, the Validated Training Program was developed several years ago to elevate the industry’s training standards by developing a set of criteria for training programs.

Need more information? Contact Dave Kimball, PROSOCO technical specialist, at dave.kimball@prosoco.com.

PROSOCO R-Guard products make prestigious Top 10 listWe got great news this week — our R-Guard fluid-applied Cat 5 air barrier system has been awarded a coveted spot on BuildingGreen’s Top 10 Green Products list for 2015.

This isn’t just any old Top 10 list — it’s a veritable “who’s who” of the green building materials industry and includes products across all sectors.

“To appear on BuildingGreen’s Top 10 list is one of the most prestigious honors that PROSOCO has received in my tenure here, and one that we’re extremely proud of,” said Dwayne Fuhlhage, PROSOCO’s sustainability and environment director. “We at PROSOCO have been privileged to collaborate with the best design, engineering and construction firms in the world. I’m excited to see high-performance designs, durable assemblies and Net Zero Energy buildings moving to the mainstream.”

PROSOCO R-Guard fluid-applied Cat 5 air barrier system was praised by BuildingGreen as “representing one of the best in the class.” The components of the Cat 5 system – Joint & Seam Filler, FastFlash and Cat 5, “are all based on the same high-performance ‘hybrid’ polymer chemistry, which has no solvents or isocyanates.”

PROSOCO’s removal of phthalate plasticizers from the system has also enabled its use on Living Building Challenge projects like the Bullitt Center.

PROSOCO was also commended for its support to architects and contractors as well as its leadership role in ingredient disclosure protocols.

“The company offers technical support during both design and construction, and has been a leader in disclosure of ingredients, with this and other products carrying a Health Product Declaration (HPD).”

To learn more about how PROSOCO can help you create a superior building, call us at 800-255-4255 for samples, technical data, specifications assistance and more.

Read more about PROSOCO’s commitment to sustainability and transparency.

The PROSOCO difference

Wanna know what you get when you choose PROSOCO products?

We could go on and on about our best-in-class customer support, technical staff who help solve problems for customers out in the field, and customized laboratory testing, but we think this video speaks for itself. Learn about all the ways we at PROSOCO work every day to make the jobs of our customers easier, less complicated and more successful.